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I’m Mad at Search Marketing Now

July 24th, 2008 No comments

Some weeks ago I attended an ok webinar from Search Marketing Now, and to register I forked over some personal information, like my email and phone number. I can understand getting an email or two as a result, fair enough for a free webinar. But the sponsor of the webinar (not Search Marketing Now, but a paid advertiser of theirs) is calling me and leaving messages (yes, that means more than one message). I am not interested in their search marketing services, and evidenced both by me not checking that I was when I registered, noting that I manage the program in house when I registered, and the fact that I never return their phone calls. Isn’t this just over the line a bit?

To be fair, I have attended Search Marketing Now webinars in the past with no aggressive phone stalking after, it just seems like they got a lame sponsor for the most recent webinar. I am a little peeved they gave away my personal information to an advertiser without my permission, but probably never attending one of their seminars again is a fair response.

Tell me if I am being unreasonable here.