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Google Quality Score Guide

August 14th, 2009 No comments

Quality Score can be confusing. There’s a bunch of factors, some seemingly mysterious, that can, at the end of they day, seriously damage (or improve) the ROI of a paid search campaign. My bottom line message: pick only relevant keywords and write a good ad that links to a good page. Write lots of good ads and test them to get the strongest one. Let that be your guide and ye cannot fail.

Don’t just take my advice. Google has now released a very simple and useful Quality Score guide. Check it out and go forth to pare out those irrelevant keywords and improve click-through rates.

I know some search engine marketers hate Quality Score, but I love it. Why? Because we pay a much lower cost per click than our competitors for a much better position. Quality score is a reward for running a well managed paid search campaign. When Quality Score becomes your friend instead of your enemy you’ll see what I mean.