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SEM news, articles and more that I Should Have Posted Ages Ago

March 29th, 2011 No comments

Am I lame? Sometimes. But not as lame as the people who apologize about not updating their blog for a long time, and then continue to not update their blog for a long time. I won’t apologize dear friends, I lead a busy life as do you and sometimes something (a blog, a dinner date) has to give in the life ladder of priority.

Today we catch up, together.

Please peruse my recent article on 3 Quick (15 minute) Paid Search Fixes on Search Engine Land. Yes, you can improve your PPC accounts while getting your oil changed or between meetings. Try it!

If you like to hear me ramble on, check out the latest SEMcast on Geekcast. SEMcast #18 – A Hodgepodge of SEM news, Quick Fixes and Mobile.

Did you have fun at SMX West? I sure did. And I think the PPC Mechanics Panel was helpful for everyone involved, come join us for another one at an upcoming SMX show. Who doesn’t want free, personalized search marketing advice? Fools, that is who.

Other news tidbits I enjoyed recently:

Google announces tablet bidding, a great way to continue to refine your targeting and campaigns for the tablet, not quite a computer, not quite a mobile phone experience. Look for it soon, it works just like desktop vs. mobile devices bidding in Campaign Settings.

Facebook story ads continue to be controversial. Really, putting people without their explicit permission in ads shown to their friends makes people upset? Shocker! I hope all 108 pounds of me show up in the diet ads I see all the time. But I will say as a marketer, damn if that click-through rate isn’t good. Definitely worth a test if you haven’t tried it and especially effective for targeting friends of people connected to you.

Promoted Accounts and Promoted Tweets are available in an advertiser beta currently. I cannot say more as Twitter is hella not letting me say anything about it at this point. But I will say if promoting your tweets or account sounds interesting, you should apply for the beta and give it a go. Check out more on promoted tweets and accounts.

Will you be at ShareASale’s Think Tank in May in Chicago? I will be, so if you are there find me and say hi.

And with that our quality time has come to an end, until next time friends.

SMX West, Mobile App Marketing and Promoted Tweets

February 2nd, 2011 No comments

I’ll be speaking at SMX West again this year, but in a much more fun panel than usual – PPC Mechanics! I am going to channel my best Mary Stuart Masterson in Some Kind of Wonderful to be the hot tomboy mechanic for your paid search accounts. So come one, come all and bring your “it’s making a funny noise” SEM account to me for a look under the hood. I think we all get special t shirts to wear, but I am also looking for a nice/hot work jumpsuit.

Also, I have a new SearchEngineLand article out – Successful SEM Tactics for Marketing Mobile Apps. So if you need tips and ideas on marketing your new app, check it out.

Lastly, I’ll be beta testing new promoted tweets and account products on Twitter over the next couple of months, so more news to come on that soon as I can talk about it.