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5 Popular Ways to Not Have Me Approve You to Be Our Affiliate

May 7th, 2008 No comments

Our affiliate program gets probably 20-30 applicants a day. I hand review them to insure some degree of quality control and keep an eye on how on our program is evolving. Despite having just a few very clear policies on what the minimum requirements are for me to consider approving an application, probably one third to one half of the applications we get don’t meet a requirement. It makes my approval job easy, I just decline them. Here’s the most popular reasons I decline affiliates:

1. No website. Yeah, you need one of those. Applicants from India are particularly bad about not having websites.

2. Claiming your website is,, or, I know Google and Yahoo own those, not you. If you’re an SEM affiliate with no website, don’t list your website as AdWords.

3. Making a blog with no posts. Or like, one post that’s not even about travel (crazy weight loss ideas? hmm, no). I know that’s fake.

4. Reapply a day later with the same information after I’ve declined you once. I’m not sure why you’re trying, you know what’s going to happen because it just happened.

5. Claim a website you clearly don’t own is yours. Applicants from Thailand are particularly shady about this one. I know someone with the email does not operate the airline website I’m guessing someone probably does that. Nice try, but just build your own website.