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SEM news, articles and more that I Should Have Posted Ages Ago

March 29th, 2011 No comments

Am I lame? Sometimes. But not as lame as the people who apologize about not updating their blog for a long time, and then continue to not update their blog for a long time. I won’t apologize dear friends, I lead a busy life as do you and sometimes something (a blog, a dinner date) has to give in the life ladder of priority.

Today we catch up, together.

Please peruse my recent article on 3 Quick (15 minute) Paid Search Fixes on Search Engine Land. Yes, you can improve your PPC accounts while getting your oil changed or between meetings. Try it!

If you like to hear me ramble on, check out the latest SEMcast on Geekcast. SEMcast #18 – A Hodgepodge of SEM news, Quick Fixes and Mobile.

Did you have fun at SMX West? I sure did. And I think the PPC Mechanics Panel was helpful for everyone involved, come join us for another one at an upcoming SMX show. Who doesn’t want free, personalized search marketing advice? Fools, that is who.

Other news tidbits I enjoyed recently:

Google announces tablet bidding, a great way to continue to refine your targeting and campaigns for the tablet, not quite a computer, not quite a mobile phone experience. Look for it soon, it works just like desktop vs. mobile devices bidding in Campaign Settings.

Facebook story ads continue to be controversial. Really, putting people without their explicit permission in ads shown to their friends makes people upset? Shocker! I hope all 108 pounds of me show up in the diet ads I see all the time. But I will say as a marketer, damn if that click-through rate isn’t good. Definitely worth a test if you haven’t tried it and especially effective for targeting friends of people connected to you.

Promoted Accounts and Promoted Tweets are available in an advertiser beta currently. I cannot say more as Twitter is hella not letting me say anything about it at this point. But I will say if promoting your tweets or account sounds interesting, you should apply for the beta and give it a go. Check out more on promoted tweets and accounts.

Will you be at ShareASale’s Think Tank in May in Chicago? I will be, so if you are there find me and say hi.

And with that our quality time has come to an end, until next time friends.

Roundup of Nerdy SEM Holiday Wishlists

December 21st, 2010 No comments

I’ve noticed a trend this year to write holiday wishlist articles asking Santa for SEM help. I wrote one myself! I decided to round them up just to see how many there are floating around out there (making their way to the North Pole).

6 Things on an SEO’s Holiday Wishlist

The In-House Search Engine Marketing Holiday Wish List (by me!)

5 Things on my B2B Wishlist for 2010

Dear Santa, All I Want for Christmas is a SEM Super Tool

Also my heart goes out to the hundreds of Yahoo employees laid off this month, including my friend Brendan. Best of luck to all of you finding a new place.

Lastly, I am off the Belize for the holidays for some sun (its been super rainy in SF), scuba diving and ruin exploration!

New Article on SEL and a Podcast

December 1st, 2010 No comments

Here’s a couple of updates in the world of me and search. I posted my SEM holiday wishlist on Search Engine Land, what do you wish SEM Santa would bring you this year? I’d love to hear your wish list so @reply me on Twitter or leave a comment on the SEL article.

Also up is a new geekcast on Twitter Ads from Google. A quick guides to what Twitter Ads do and why they are interesting.

PhoCusWright in Phoenix was great, there’s tons of blogs and tweets out there on it, including lots from my Twitter feed if you want to hear more about the innovators and speakers. I’ve been in NYC and Seattle since then, so the travel just doesn’t stop! This month: Portland and then my big vacation to Belize and Guatemala.

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Online Marketing Manager, Europe

June 16th, 2010 No comments

Do you live in London and enjoy search engine marketing, but maybe not the job you currently have? Join me!

Viator is seeking a London-based Online Marketing Manager, who will be responsible for driving traffic and conversion across seven European sites, including paid and natural search, affiliate development and retail initiatives.

We are looking for an experienced online marketer with excellent analytical skills and commercial awareness. This challenging role provides fantastic opportunity for a self-motivated person seeking to further their product career in a dynamic and fast-growing online business.

Interested? Get in touch with me kelly{at}

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5 PPC Strategies to Prepare for Microhoo

August 18th, 2009 No comments

If you live under a rock you might not be aware, but more than likely you have heard that Microsoft and Yahoo have come to terms on a ten year search deal. The most relevant points for paid search engine marketing managers are these:

  • Bing will be the exclusive algorithmic/paid search platform for Yahoo.
  • Yahoo will be the exclusive seller of both companies’ premium advertisers while self-serve advertising will be fulfilled by Microsoft’s AdCenter.
  • The latest timeline I’ve seen suggests that paid Microsoft/Bing results will being appearing on Yahoo in early 2011 in major markets with the goal of all results by early 2012.

While it might be tempting to forget all about Yahoo’s switch to Microsoft paid search results, after all you have until early 2011 (that’s like a year away!), I would definitely encourage search engine marketers to start laying the groundwork now to manage risk in the switchover and get ahead of the competition.

  1. Start a MSN AdCenter account. If you haven’t already, get your ppc campaigns up and running on Bing/Microsoft. They are garnering more search query share (~9% in July 2009) so search engine marketers should be advertising on Bing just to get the incremental revenue from another search engine anyway at this point. And eventually, you’re going to need an account there when Yahoo stops showing your ppc ads. If there’s any hiccups in transferring over Yahoo campaigns when the switch is made, it won’t matter to you as you’ll already have all those campaigns running on MSN. Bonus, you’ll have historical MSN data to compare to before the switchover, that plus your historical Yahoo data will tell you what your new MSN with Yahoo performance should be if all is working well after the switch.
  2. Start getting regular reports out of Yahoo. Data is one of the most valuable assets a search engine marketer can have and who knows what will happen to yours when Yahoo ceases to operate their sponsored search platform. Pull regular monthly reports and store them if you haven’t been doing regular reports. When the switchover occurs, you’ll be armed with historical data to compare how well your Microsoft listings on Yahoo are performing versus your old Yahoo listings. You can also identify any year over year losses or softness and focus on improving those areas. This is all about mitigating risk and keeping your paid search engine marketing campaign performance as good as ever.
  3. Get familiar with MSN’s interface and reports. I am sure in the coming year changes and enhancements will be made, but MSN’s AdCenter is a different beast than Yahoo or Google’s paid search platforms. Spend some time learning how it works, you’ll have an advantage over everyone scrambling to learn when the switchover is made.
  4. Try to get an account manager at MSN. If your spend is in the thousands, try to get an account manager at MSN. Sometimes there’s no substitute for a real person when issues arise. If you start now, by 2011 you will have built a rapport with your account contact and they’ll be ready to help with any transition issues that arise when Yahoo changes over.
  5. Don’t procrastinate. I know, I know, 2011 seems like ages from now. But think about how busy you are with just day to day search engine marketing tasks and if you spend just a little time each week pulling some Yahoo reports and getting your account up on MSN, you’ll be happy you had a year to get it all done. Trust me, its going to suck if you wait until the last minute.

Do you have other suggestions on preparing for the Yahoo-MSN switchover? I’d love to hear them, leave a comment!

5 Things I Learned at SMX Advanced

June 8th, 2009 No comments

I was at SMX Advanced last week and spent some time reviewing my notes and take aways from the sessions in the hopes of formulating some sort of coherent to-do list for myself. I noticed a couple of things I learned, so I thought I would share:

1. Google’s search query report just got more useful. Many less “other unique queries” and more actual queries exposed. I checked this one out myself, and its true, so thanks Google for making that better!

2. Only 5% of internet users time is spent searching, the other 95% is spent doing other things on the web. Fascinating. See, I told you content targeting was a good idea.

3. No one seems excited about bid management tools. One session has presenters explicitly talked about ways to calculate for yourself what your ideal bid should be and most people I talked to either weren’t using a system or didn’t think it was worth the money. Also with quality score’s ability to enormously impact bids, most marketers thought that was more important to optimize quality score than finely monitoring the bid itself.

4. Quality score is super important. There was a whole session on quality score and how important it is at the account, ad, keyword and landing page levels. Also general advice was given that if you have keywords with a score below 5, you should consider removing them or at least moving them to alleviate possible tainting. I knew it was important, but this really made me think much more about it.

5. Mobile is still early days. The mobile session presenters were great, but my big takeaway was that unless you’ve got a super perfect for mobile product (like a ringtone, or iphone app), then its still really early days for you to gain mobile adopters. The volume isn’t there yet.

Thanks to everyone who gave their time and expertise to making the sessions and roundtable discussions so worthwhile! I had a great time speaking and meeting lots of other search engine marketers.

Aww Snap Google Changes Trademark Policy

May 15th, 2009 No comments

Check out the official word on the Google Adwords trademark policy change here.

Basically if a site sells a brand name, or has information on it, its fair game to use the trademark in the ad text. This is a pretty huge change that I am sure many trademark protective brands, especially ones that sell through multiple online distribution channels, will not like. For example, its now fair game for a hotel aggregator like Expedia to bid on and display in their ad text a brand name, like Hilton hotels.

I think it is a smart move for Google to get out of arbitrating trademark issues as much as possible. Though big brand advertisers will be irritated with them, they’ve washed their hands of being the middle man. Now all those brands will have to hash out agreements with their distribution channels, which they probably should have done anyway. And of course their lawyers will have many threatening letters to send. And its likely Google will increase revenues with this move, CTRs for ads that now can use the brand name are sure to rise.

It never made sense that an advertiser could bid on a brand name keyword, but couldn’t display it in the ad text. How exactly can you say you offer Segway tours without using the word Segway? In some cases like that one, its just impossible.

SEMcast #6 is live and other random paid search news.

April 23rd, 2009 No comments

SEMcast #6 is up on, or if you subscribe to the feed in iTunes or another software you’ll see it appear. Today’s podcast is all about the dilemma of inheriting a paid search account. The podcast addresses how to restructure and mitigate risk.

In other news, Viator launched their German language site, so willkommen to it. Do I speak German? Nein. Do I run German language ppc campaigns for the site? Ja! How is this miracle achieved? Check out SEMcast #4 and learn best practices for non-English campaigns.

Lastly, have you tried the new Google AdWords interface? Get a preview and provide feedback on the AdWords interface changes.

Google Explains Ad Auction Model

March 13th, 2009 No comments

I know a ton of other bloggers have blogged about this, but I was really impressed by the recent video from Google explaining their ad auction model. Very simply and clearly the components of Quality Score are explained, and their relative weight, as well as how calculations of rank and ultimate CPC paid are derived. Kudos to Hal Varian, an economist after my own heart, for doing such a nice job.

So watch it already!

New SEM Podcast on Geekcast.FM

March 7th, 2009 No comments

I have officially entered the world of podcasting! You can listen and subscribe to the SEMcast on, I look forward to hearing your feedback and suggestions, don’t be shy!