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Back in Action!

June 10th, 2010

I am back from a wonderful, lovely, glad-I-did-it-but-glad-to-be-home sabbatical. Seriously, if you can afford to take a month or two off in your life, do it, you will not regret it. If you are curious I went to Japan, Thailand, Cambodia, Bhutan and Indonesia.

But I am back, and living the sweet, sweet search engine marketing life again. New SEMcasts will be forthcoming in the next week as well as a new article on Search Engine Land, but for now, content yourself with these two articles, published in my absence:

Go Green with Your Time Recycle Your PPC Work

Inside the Big 3 Search Engine Marketing Desktop Editors

In the second article you’ll notice a lengthy editor insertion. Yahoo released a new build of their desktop tool, with more robust features (from my article you can tell they needed to), shortly after I wrote the piece, so they asked for a correction. For future releases Yahoo, you might want to let your advertisers know a big, new release is coming, or even send them an email to upgrade once its out.

Hope you all enjoyed SMX advanced, I am looking forward to catching up on all the sessions there via live blogs this week. It was just too soon after getting back to work for me to jet up there to speak or attend.

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