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Aww Snap Google Changes Trademark Policy

May 15th, 2009 No comments

Check out the official word on the Google Adwords trademark policy change here.

Basically if a site sells a brand name, or has information on it, its fair game to use the trademark in the ad text. This is a pretty huge change that I am sure many trademark protective brands, especially ones that sell through multiple online distribution channels, will not like. For example, its now fair game for a hotel aggregator like Expedia to bid on and display in their ad text a brand name, like Hilton hotels.

I think it is a smart move for Google to get out of arbitrating trademark issues as much as possible. Though big brand advertisers will be irritated with them, they’ve washed their hands of being the middle man. Now all those brands will have to hash out agreements with their distribution channels, which they probably should have done anyway. And of course their lawyers will have many threatening letters to send. And its likely Google will increase revenues with this move, CTRs for ads that now can use the brand name are sure to rise.

It never made sense that an advertiser could bid on a brand name keyword, but couldn’t display it in the ad text. How exactly can you say you offer Segway tours without using the word Segway? In some cases like that one, its just impossible.

Excel Tips for Managing PPC Accounts

May 14th, 2009 No comments

I spend more waking hours on a weekday with Excel than I do my husband. Seriously. Eight or nine hours a day, compared to five-ish. I’ve had dreams about Excel. Which is all just to say, I use Excel a lot. Excel is a super useful tool to help manage paid search accounts, so I thought I’d share my favorite Excel ppc tips.

Math. This is basic, but you can do math in Excel. You should never have Excel and a calculator program open at the same time. You can straight up just type formulas into the cell (ie, 4*5) or refer to cells (A1*B2).
VLOOKUP. A super handy Excel formula. Let’s say you have a list of keywords you can add to your account, but you don’t want to add ones you already have. If you download your account keywords into Excel you can VLOOKUP keywords to add in your account keywords list to see if they are there and if they are (for the formula, return a value of the keyword if its in the list), you can skip them. Also good for marrying up separate reports with a shared element. For example, you might have a report of adgroups with clicks and costs and another report of adgroups with revenue and transactions. Since they both have adgroups, you can VLOOKUP the adgroup name and return the values for revenue and transactions in the click/cost report, making one nice report.
CONCATENATE. Another handy formula. Let’s say you have a list of keywords and you want to add the word “discount” to all of them to add to your account. CONCATENATE “discount” + a space + the cell of the keyword and magically you get “discount keyword”. Just drag the formula down and the list is created. Or likewise if you have brand names + product types permutations you can work through all those quickly with concatenate.
Filtering. Sometimes you have a huge list of keywords that you want to prioritize, maybe adding ones about cruises are higher value for you. Using the filters in Excel you can filter a list of keywords to show any that “contain” cruise. Also handy for answering questions like, how many keywords about Sony do we have?

I know its hard to grasp how to use these formulas by just reading this, definitely check out Excel help for more information! Also practice really helps. These tips and more are covered in SEMcast #7, now available on

Viator is Hiring – Product Sales Coordinator

May 4th, 2009 No comments

We’re hiring a product sales coordinator, if you’re interested, email me: kelly[at] I think the position can be based out of San Francisco or Las Vegas. I always think the Product Team gets to do all the fun stuff, here’s a chance to join them!

Position Title: Product Sales Coordinator

Salary: Base plus bonus

Reports to: Product Sales Manager

Viator is the leading online provider of tours, activities and attraction – in 450 cities around the world. Over the last five years, Viator has built extensive supplier and distribution relationships as an advanced technology platform. Our market-leading selection of products includes 5,000 tours and attractions in 75 countries. This key role assists the Product Sales Manager in managing supplier relationships and is responsible for the effective and timely administration of product management.

Primary Responsibilities:

· Strategic development of the assigned market

· Ownership and accountability for performance of market with regards to sales, margin, inventory, participation, and rates

· Work with Product Sales Manager and VP of Product Sales on developing account strategies, analysis, and reports

· Proactively manage product content and delivery, building a profitable product range and ensure the quality and integrity of all products (description, pricing, availability)

· Writing and editing effective copy that is optimized for search engines

· Work closely with Marketing; delivering analytical assessment to maximize destination & supplier revenue as well as contributing to marketing and merchandizing programs

· Be an organizational ‘thought leader’ in assigned markets, contributing destination and supplier insights

· Support Product Sales Manager on key account sales calls

· Point of contact for selected suppliers in relation to the contracting and delivery of products

· Accurate delivery of product information into VCS database, online tools, and internal servers

· Administration of supplier product material

· Maintenance of existing product – text/tariffs/images

· Ideas for continual improvement of all database systems and work methods

· Conduct analysis to ensure product pricing is competitive in the market place

· Research into new supplier opportunities and marketplaces

Required Skill’s:

  • Strong analytical, communication, organizational, interpersonal and negotiation skills
  • 2+ years in product management and marketing experience
  • Demonstrated business experience, online preferred
  • Travel industry experience strongly desired
  • Excellent communication and time management skills
  • Solid understanding of internet search engines

Career Path:

Consistent success in the achievement of goals may result in the promotion to Product Sales Manager

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Paige Does AdWords

May 1st, 2009 No comments

Paige is my 13-year-old cat, and sometimes she likes to check up on my account stats.

paige the cat in AdWords

She is in your account, makin’ bid changes. Happy Friday!

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