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Yahoo Security Errors Drive Me Insane

January 13th, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Quite often I have a big list of keywords to add to a paid search account. One might think that the search marketing provider (Google, Yahoo, MSN) would want to make it really easy for me to add these, after all, more kwyords equals more revenue for them. And in Google it is easy (thank you AdWords Editor). However, about a quarter of the way through a long list, Yahoo invariably kicks up a securiy issue and locks me out of the account for something like half an hour. The error looks like this:

I’ve emailed my Yahoo account rep, I’ve begged and pleaded to have this stop. No such luck. In fact Yahoo contends this only happens if one or more people are logged into the account, which isn’t the case here, its just me. And no, they haven’t been able to prevent it from occurring. Annoying!

Does anyone else experience this issue?

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