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Zombies need love too.

July 29th, 2008 No comments

I love this site, its too bad I am already married.

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I’m Mad at Search Marketing Now

July 24th, 2008 No comments

Some weeks ago I attended an ok webinar from Search Marketing Now, and to register I forked over some personal information, like my email and phone number. I can understand getting an email or two as a result, fair enough for a free webinar. But the sponsor of the webinar (not Search Marketing Now, but a paid advertiser of theirs) is calling me and leaving messages (yes, that means more than one message). I am not interested in their search marketing services, and evidenced both by me not checking that I was when I registered, noting that I manage the program in house when I registered, and the fact that I never return their phone calls. Isn’t this just over the line a bit?

To be fair, I have attended Search Marketing Now webinars in the past with no aggressive phone stalking after, it just seems like they got a lame sponsor for the most recent webinar. I am a little peeved they gave away my personal information to an advertiser without my permission, but probably never attending one of their seminars again is a fair response.

Tell me if I am being unreasonable here.

2 Interesting Google AdWords Interface Enhancements

July 18th, 2008 No comments

I noticed a couple of interesting changes to the AdWords interface that are worth talking about.

1. Bye bye Site Targeted campaigns, hello to Site Placements. There appears to be no more need for Site Targeted campaigns, you can find and add sites to any adgroup opted into Content Targeting. Google expanded on the tabs structure at the adgroup level to accommodate the Site Targeting data. I like this enhancement as it makes management of site placements much simpler, alleviating the need to replicate adgroups to have site placements. All the tracking and reporting and targeting is still there, its just integrated with content targeting, which Site Targeting is just an offshoot of to begin with. So logical!

2. Google vs. Search Partners.

New search screen

Apologies for the blurry screenshot. I haven’t seen any data trickle down into these categories yet, but kudos to Google for increasing transparency in advertising. I’m very interested in seeing Google traffic versus partners, though I can get at some of this data now with analytics tools. I’d be in more interested in tracking and bidding on it separately, but baby steps, we’re getting there.