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5 Random Marketing Thoughts of the Day

1. Does it mean I have looked through way too much search data if after two years I totally broke the scroll wheel on my mouse? Seriously, only the scroll wheel died, while I was scrolling through a big file of search terms.

2. I’m sad the Microsoft-Yahoo drama continues. I was hoping they’d just take no for an answer, but I guess that’s wishful thinking. Don’t be a stalker MSN. Yes, if you keep driving by their campus just to see if their car is there, you’re a stalker.

3. We’ve got a new build launching this week on Viator.com, check back later in the week and bask in the newness, and leave me a comment if you love or hate something.

4. Don’t forget about misspellings – today I ran across this gem: “san francisco alcotars tours”. Do not underestimate your fellow man’s inability to spell. Buy those cheap keywords!

ps – alcotars = alcatraz. for reals.

5. I broke 60,000 keywords last week, which means I need to upgrade to the 100K limit Excel so I can keep on truckin’ in one file. I was surprised to find Google spreadsheets has an even more stringent row limit, you think they’d be all sky’s the limit, oh but no. Get on it big G!

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