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5 Random Marketing Thoughts of the Day

May 19th, 2008 No comments

1. Does it mean I have looked through way too much search data if after two years I totally broke the scroll wheel on my mouse? Seriously, only the scroll wheel died, while I was scrolling through a big file of search terms.

2. I’m sad the Microsoft-Yahoo drama continues. I was hoping they’d just take no for an answer, but I guess that’s wishful thinking. Don’t be a stalker MSN. Yes, if you keep driving by their campus just to see if their car is there, you’re a stalker.

3. We’ve got a new build launching this week on, check back later in the week and bask in the newness, and leave me a comment if you love or hate something.

4. Don’t forget about misspellings – today I ran across this gem: “san francisco alcotars tours”. Do not underestimate your fellow man’s inability to spell. Buy those cheap keywords!

ps – alcotars = alcatraz. for reals.

5. I broke 60,000 keywords last week, which means I need to upgrade to the 100K limit Excel so I can keep on truckin’ in one file. I was surprised to find Google spreadsheets has an even more stringent row limit, you think they’d be all sky’s the limit, oh but no. Get on it big G!

60,000th keyword added today

May 8th, 2008 No comments

Meet my new friend, Viator keyword #60,000:

vatican tickets online

I know for someone like eBay or Amazon 60K is small potatoes, but its a big deal for us. Hurrah!

5 Popular Ways to Not Have Me Approve You to Be Our Affiliate

May 7th, 2008 No comments

Our affiliate program gets probably 20-30 applicants a day. I hand review them to insure some degree of quality control and keep an eye on how on our program is evolving. Despite having just a few very clear policies on what the minimum requirements are for me to consider approving an application, probably one third to one half of the applications we get don’t meet a requirement. It makes my approval job easy, I just decline them. Here’s the most popular reasons I decline affiliates:

1. No website. Yeah, you need one of those. Applicants from India are particularly bad about not having websites.

2. Claiming your website is,, or, I know Google and Yahoo own those, not you. If you’re an SEM affiliate with no website, don’t list your website as AdWords.

3. Making a blog with no posts. Or like, one post that’s not even about travel (crazy weight loss ideas? hmm, no). I know that’s fake.

4. Reapply a day later with the same information after I’ve declined you once. I’m not sure why you’re trying, you know what’s going to happen because it just happened.

5. Claim a website you clearly don’t own is yours. Applicants from Thailand are particularly shady about this one. I know someone with the email does not operate the airline website I’m guessing someone probably does that. Nice try, but just build your own website.

Back from Vacation and Thoughts on Microhoo

May 5th, 2008 No comments

I’m back from a great trip to Ecuador, photos will be forthcoming to Flickr. I had hoped that the whole MSN-Yahoo business would be resolved by the time I got back, but it wasn’t, though now it might be. Latest I have heard is that Yahoo was able to fend off the invading hordes. I made no secret I was pulling for Yahoo all along, and frankly, I thought it would mean nothing but bad for Yahoo to be acquired by Microsoft. Mainly because I don’t think MSN would learn from Yahoo’s successes and actually improve upon or effectively utilize Yahoo assets. They’d be more likely to screw them up by trying to make them conform to the Microsoft way. Anyway, knock on wood, Yahoo weathered the storm as Microsoft has now withdrawn their bid.

In other random news, would anyone like to buy me the new electric Tesla? The one beef I’ve had about green cars is that they’re ugly, or at least, totally not sporty. Can’t anyone make an alternative energy convertible? How hard is that? Now someone has, I just have to find around $100K to buy it. Incidentally, two big investors in the Tesla electric car are the Google founders. Nice one.

I’m getting caught up on stats while I was out and adding lots of new keywords before high season (we’re going to pass the 60,000 keyword mark this month!). I like to check up on the tail terms I’ve add at the end of each month, and we’re still getting the one-two transaction adgroups happening at a pretty good clip, so more keywords it is!

And lastly, MSN actually assigned me an account manager and we may actually get our accounts updated and whipped into shape again, hope springs eternal. I thought this might be a product of my non-child safe video I made for MSN at SMX West, but apparently my new account manager hasn’t seen it, though he got a nice recap from me on its content (including the four letter naughtiness). He’s probably trying to track it down, though knowing MSN its still in editing somewhere two months later.