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Argh, Why Can’t I find Time to Post? A Day in the Life.

Apologies to all who have looked for a new post here and not found one in some time. Yeah, I have not been so good on the timely posting front lately. And its only going to get worse starting next Thursday, as I am off to the Galapagos Islands and Ecuador for two weeks. Let’s just make a date to meet up again here sometime in the first week of May.

In the meantime, I’ve been working on a massive project here to rewrite all (ok, not all, but like A LOT) of our product descriptions on the site. Why you ask would we undertake such a task? Well, the descriptions are ok for our customers, though not fabulous, and they are downright not great for SEO. And over the past two years we tried to get people to write better ones, or clean up bad ones, but frankly, they just all need to be redone and we weren’t getting very far at our current pace. So we hired a writer, starting making lists of relevant keywords for every product and getting some new descriptions made. So far the work looks good and we hope to be done before our high season this summer. As you can imagine, checking keyword data for like 2,000 products is a bit of a chore.

What else have I been up to? Reporting. More reporting. Affiliate stuff involving policies and coupon codes. If you don’t have a policy about only allowing affiliates to use coupon codes assigned to them, think about adopting it. I’ve also been looking into UK Media buys, we love our UK customers and their strong GBP, let’s get more of them!

To top it off our email system migrated to a new build, which is great, but a pain our a** since they broke all our dynamic content. Repairs are under way.

So such is the life of the online marketer. Will I miss it on vacation this month? Eh, maybe not so much. Will I be happy to get back? Probably, I will miss seeing the results roll in to Omniture and all my little keywords driving sales. But for now, yeah, we could use some time apart.

See you the first week of May!

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