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MSN Surveys Me Again (really!)

February 29th, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

I am strolling along the SMX West Exhibit Hall, minding my own business and Yulia of MSN AdCenter (bless her heart she had no idea what she was getting into) asked if I’d mind spending five minutes making a video about what I liked and disliked about AdCenter. After trying to persuade her that she really didn’t want me doing this, and that only egging her on more that she really did want me doing this, I relented. I also said, “this is going to take more than five minutes”, and lo, it did.

Basically they asked the same things they always ask, and I answered with my same feedback about the interface and their editorial process. I won’t rehash all that, but I will say that I also got to comment on how they survey me over and over with no appreciable results. They also asked the very interesting question of what did I think about the proposed MSN and Yahoo merger (but the guy flubbed it and said MSN and Google, to which I replied, “you wish it was Google”). And my answer to the merger? I really hope MSN doesn’t fuck up (yeah I said the f word on tape) Yahoo’s interface.

Yulia and the taping guy seemed thoroughly entertained by me, or at least they appreciated the effort. They said they might send me the video so if they do, I’ll post it. Fun!

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