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Zagat for Sale

January 14th, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

Rumor has it Zagat is for sale and that IAC might buy it. I’m intrigued, as it could mesh with CitySearch, another IAC property, in some really interesting ways. They could become the super site for restaurants. Also, I hate Yelp, so I’d like to see it go down to the old school sites, if they can get it together to provide some serious competition. I like that Zagat’s online site is cleaner looking than CitySearch, but the whole being a member subscription model is convoluted. Are they even making any money off that? Given that other sites are free I doubt it. Take Zagat content online and monetize it with local ads and reservations partnerships, stuff like that, and then you’re cooking. I am sure there’s plenty of synergy between them and CitySearch at any rate.

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