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My latest functionality request – position by location

December 17th, 2007 Leave a comment Go to comments

I’d like to see the average position by location when I run a keywords report. That should be pretty easy to do.

Most of my campaigns target worldwide, or nearly so, for English language search queries. If I run a report to see how I am ranking, I get a worldwide rank for that keyword. But say I want to check up on how we are doing in the US or the UK, then I appear to be out of luck. I’ve come to realize that the overall rank is very deceptive. For example, say I have a keyword ranking 1.4, with great ROI, I am probably not going to bother increasing the bid since the position is nearly being maxed out, there’s probably no upside to gain. But that keyword in just the US could be ranking 5th, so there would be upside to raising the bid, I just can’t see it. Also, how efficient are we in the UK vs. US vs. Australia for paid search? Not sure. Is there a location we should just stop targeting for lack of sales? Not sure, though I bet if I dug around in Omniture I could figure this one out.

For an important keyword in an important market I use the ad diagnostic tool in AdWords to check on its rank. But that is hella not scalable. I could duplicate my campaigns and target them specifically to certain markets, but with twenty campaigns already, that is going to get unwieldy, as well as a maintenance hassle (Need to change a URL? Do it in six places now instead of one).

Ideally I’d like a filter so I can filter my report data by location, nothing fancy. According to my AdWords account manager, I am not the only person asking for something like that, so hope springs eternal.

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