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Yahoo! Trip Planner Should be Exploited More

October 20th, 2007 No comments

With all the talk that goes on about social media I thought anyone with a decent search engine optimization or online marketing effort going on would be exploiting just about every free avenue of the social web (forums, social networking sites, etc) they could get their marketing mitts on. Yet that’s not so. No major travel sites are taking advantage of Trip Planner on Yahoo! Travel. Over at Viator we’ve been making Yahoo! Trip Plans for a good long time now, so its surprising the major OTAs haven’t jumped all over this.

Trip plans are a great SEO tool, and the best part is that Yahoo! actively encourages travel professional to create trip plans, so you don’t even have to feel dirty about it. On we created a series of Suggested Itineraries to inspire our customers’ travels and help them plan interesting trips to top destinations. The suggested itineraries double as keyword rich SEO content. They also happen to fit very nicely into the Trip Planner format, so we started making some. Viator Trip Plans have been given over 730 thumbs ups by the Yahoo! Trip Planner community and have been copied over 400 times.

It takes me about 30 minutes to make a Trip Plan from a Suggested Itineraries page. So for that amount of time investment we get 20 or 30 people who copy our Trip Plan and about 30 or 40 who actually read it and like it enough to give it a thumbs up. Our Trip Plans are rich with content, and also with deep links back to, which are then copied over when a Trip Plan is copied and customized. Initially, I was wary of duplicate content issues, but most people customize the Trip Plans after they copy them, its just a nice base for some people to start their planning from. SEO link benefits aside (let’s just say they all become no follows) we also get thousands of free referrals every month (and some extra revenue) from our Trip Planner links as people who see our plans click over to visit our site.

So why don’t more travel sites take a little time to create some Trip Plans? Priceline clearly spent a small fortune on their Shatner MySpace page. Not that I want the competition, but it just seems like something tailor made for great travel SEO.

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My Lunches Could Clearly Be Better

October 10th, 2007 No comments

Check out these lunches a local San Francisco mom makes for her preschooler! Clearly I am not eating the lunches I ought to be. She also has a blog, is it wrong that I am now contemplating getting a rice cooker and some bento gear? I’m really not eating enough cat shaped items to meet my minimum daily requirement. Also Scott at Viator recommended taking these on a plane, genius.

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