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How is this my problem?

September 11th, 2007 Leave a comment Go to comments


Warning message in a big red block on my Campaign Summary page today from Google:

“The keywords in your account are nearing an unmanageable size. We recommend that you reduce the number of keywords within your account. This will ensure that your account includes the most targeted and relevant keywords possible. Use our Find and Edit Keywords Tool to identify poor performing keywords within your account (such as keywords with few or zero impressions) and delete them. Note: Be careful when deleting keywords in campaigns that are only opted in to the content network. Impressions and other statistics aren’t attributed to individual keywords when ads show on content pages, but are attributed to the ad group as a whole. Therefore, keywords in content-only campaigns will always show zero impressions.”

How is this my problem exactly? I count 54,497 keywords in my account, which doesn’t seem like much to me. Is this really all you can handle big G? Really? I’m not having any problems managing these, but it sounds like you might be….I wonder if its related to limits in Excel or the AdWords Editor.



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