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Why I Blog

Some days I think that the industry needs another blog about search engine marketing* like it needs a hole in the head. And yet I still feel vaguely unsatisfied by a lot of my favorite sites about SEM. Recently I figured out exactly why that is. A lot of the popular sites (deservedly so, much of their content is great) have their content produced mainly by a combination industry insiders that come from a journalism or agency experience of SEM. There’s not much of the in-house day to day I login to my accounts and reports every morning perspective out there. Everyone is a just a little bit divorced from the actual nuts and bolts work of SEM. Or the hands on perspective is on behalf of a client. So some news just isn’t news to these folks, or the ramifications of the news are fairly unclear in terms of how it actually impacts the day to day work of SEM. Even articles specifically about in-house SEM focus more on building a team, or when to bring your efforts in-house rather than the actual work at hand.

After feeling this vague dissatisfaction for a few years made me finally give in to making a blog about in-house SEM. I plan to dole out accolades or beefs from the non-agency using, in-house SEM manager perspective. I’ll probably throw in useful tips, strategies, and other random bits of SEM goodness from time to time. Very occasionally silly things will also appear.

So enjoy the blog, and email me if you have any suggestions, we aim to please here at inhousesem!

*By “search engine marketing” I mean both the management of paid listings and the search engine optimization of content. In this blog SEM means both baby!

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